Welcome to Digital Firefly

an Erasmus+ funded project focused on digital strategies for sparking entrepreneurial learning.

The COVID-19 pandemic has posed serious

challenges to schools worldwide. The sudden transition from traditional to virtual classrooms plunged many teachers into uncharted waters, highlighting the insufficient experience with, and knowledge of, digital and remote teaching strategies.

Teachers’ first responses

to the online environment were mainly focused on completing previously planned teaching activities at the same time as trying to familiarise themselves with the use of online teaching and communication tools. Yet, courses and programmes based on practical and experiential learning such as entrepreneurship education have been halted despite the significant efforts and advancements of the last decade to include entrepreneurship education in school curricula.

In this complex, emerging and uncertain world,

schools must not lose sight of their important contributions to the development of students’ entrepreneurial competences because these competences are central to the global recovery of the post COVID-19 economy. Therefore, Digital Firefly ascertains that schools should find ways to ensure continuity in education by maintaining, scaling, and adjusting to the new circumstances, or even rethinking the educational landscape as a continuous plane that stretches across digital and physical environments.