On the 3rd and 4th of June, Stimmuli attended the conference “Active Learning and Entrepreneurship Pedagogy in Education Institutions”, organized by the Department of Balkan, Slavic and Oriental Studies (University of Macedonia) – Entrepreneurship lab and the Department of Economics (University of Western Macedonia).

The main scope of the conference was to examine the educational dimensions, pedagogical issues, and didactic concerns raised during the introduction of entrepreneurship in education, both in Greece and internationally. Entrepreneurship and innovation are key concepts in modern education, through which students develop transferable skills (e.g. opportunity recognition, collaboration, communication, ethical thinking, etc.). In this context, the recent introduction of the “skills labs” in the standard curriculum of the Greek primary and secondary schools, increased the need for defining and clarifying the notion of Entrepreneurship Education and the impact that can have to the students.

Many educators from primary and secondary education attended the conference and had the opportunity to learn about skill workshops, the vocational guidance of students, and the school’s connection with the local community. Moreover, the educational conference involved representatives from national and international bodies, academics, and experts from both Greece and abroad, through presentations, practical workshops, and a panel discussion with students, teachers, and members of the business ecosystem. Professor Katerina Sarri from the University of Macedonia was in charge of the conference’s co-ordination, while among the key-note speakers were Professor Jaana Seikkula-Leino (also a member of the Digital Firefly project team) and Professor Norris Krueger from USA.