On the 5th and 6th of July, Stimmuli hosted the third transnational project meeting of ‘Digital Firefly’ in Thessaloniki. The meeting was held in a hybrid form, since participants attended both face-to-face and online. Partners had the opportunity to discuss about the progress of the project and the current status of activities. The online survey and the interviews with teachers and policy makers, allowed partners to discover some important findings so far, such as the need to define creativity and find ways on how to cultivate it in students. In this context, Dr. Tryggvi Thayer, the project leader, presented a conceptual framework on how to train teachers on creativity. Partners then will embody all this knowledge to the teacher’s toolbox and the training courses that will be produced in the next stages of the project.

Additionally, Stimmuli team presented the topic of Entrepreneurship Education in Greece. The new reality with the ‘skills labs’ in the schools and the ‘catch-up’ strategy of the Greek educational system with the European and global trends, increases the need to approach Entrepreneurship Education in new and more effective ways, for both teachers and students. In this vein, the Digital Firefly project aims to contribute to this new era of Entrepreneurship Education in Greece through the innovative and tailor-made training material addressed to teachers. The results of the project will allow teachers to enhance their knowledge and use new tools to comprehend and teach Entrepreneurship.