A crucial part of entrepreneurship education is that it is developed in networks that include, for example, companies and other working life entities. In many countries, several organizations also support the development of entrepreneurship education.

The networks help both teachers and supervisors to implement more meaningful entrepreneurship education. Through the networks, students get authentic contacts in the environment in which they will operate in their future working life. In addition, genuine entrepreneurship networks help to understand how versatile entrepreneurship can be and how it is developed and implemented in practice.

Try to find at least one idea from  this European example to develop further your network:


What could it be?  Try to map your network with other organizations, businesses, other networks, etc.

Your networks can also go beyond the borders of your country.

You can even make a simple visualization of your networks, and utilize digital tools, like Canva,, for this.

Jaana Seikkula-Leino

CEO, Not a Bad Idea Ltd.