Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Education

On the 20th of December 2022, Stimmuli organised the event “Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Education”, in Thessaloniki, Greece. The event was dedicated to teachers who implement innovative pedagogies in their schools, giving to students the opportunity to participate more actively in the learning process and develop entrepreneurship skills. Also, educational consultants and academics, together with teachers of primary and secondary education, discussed how entrepreneurship and social innovation in the right context can make the educational process more effective and exciting for students.

In the first part of the event, teachers presented the activities they have carried out in their schools. Particularly, teachers from the Region of Imathia in North Greece, explained how students, with the help of local stakeholders, created their own ‘business’ by producing lavender. Students cultivated lavender in their schoolyard, then they created the special packaging and finally they sold it in local festivals and school events!

In the second part of the event, a special guest was Professor Aikaterini Sarri from the University of Macedonia. Professor Sarri highlighted the added value of entrepreneurship education, especially in the early stages of primary education. Professor also explained how entrepreneurship education can transform students and give them skills and competences to carry with them throughout their lives. Lastly, Stimmuli team had the opportunity to present their projects in which entrepreneurship education is a basic component, including the Digital Firefly project.

Theofilos Pouliopoulos
Stimmuli for Social Change