Digital Firefly

will identify and address the challenges teachers, trainers, and teacher-educators face in developing entrepreneurial competences through the post-pandemic New Normal, with special attention to the development of online and blended learning tools.

Our objectives:


how teachers, trainers, and teacher trainers could effectively maintain, adjust, and scale their entrepreneurial education strategies to the demands of the New Normal.

Train and support

teachers, entrepreneurship education educators and entrepreneurial education teacher trainers on how to use digital and remote teaching strategies and tools for delivering effective entrepreneurship learning experiences.


practical online tools to ease the way for teachers and trainers to ensure continuity of entrepreneurship education in online or blended learning environments.


to the wider policy and research discourses on the post-COVIDfuture of education in general and entrepreneurship education in specific.

Our outcomes:

Research and Policy Report

The Research and Policy Report will provide the evidence base for and feed into both the development of the teacher kit and the Firefly courses.

Teacher Kit

Teacher resources for online and blended entrepreneurship education. The resources in the teacher kit will be extensively referenced and used in the Digital Firefly courses to provide course participants with tools that they can take with them from the trainings to implement in their own teaching environments immediately.

Training Courses

Open online courses focusing on specific practical topics relating to online and blended entrepreneurship education. The courses will promote collaboration and networking among European teachers to grow individual teachers’ personal and professional learning networks, thereby providing them with means and opportunities for continuous learning beyond the actual online courses.

Who we work with:

Teachers and trainers

in secondary education and VET

Teacher educators

involved in pre-service or in-service training

Entrepreneurship educators

involved in schools and VET who have never or only slightly been trained in digital and remote teaching strategies