Digital Firefly Online Courses

We have prepared this site to help teachers understand what entrepreneurial learning (EL) is and how to implement EL in blended learning environments (BLE). There are two courses offered. The first, Entrepreneurial Learning, introduces key concepts relating to the courses and how we define them, in particular the concepts of entrepreneurial learning and blended learning environments. The courses have been developed as part of the Erasmus+ project, Digital Firefly: Digital strategies for sparking entrepreneurial learning. Click the link to go to the project website and learn more about Digital Firefly.

Each course consists of three modules. You are free to go through these modules in whatever sequence you choose. However, we have arranged them in what we feel is a logical progressive sequence. Each module includes an introduction on the topic of discussion, relevant readings and a few learning exercises. Also included are what we call Deeper dives that include additional voluntary readings for those who want to familiarise themselves with the more academic aspects of entrepreneurial learning in blended learning environments. At the end of each course is a short learning assessment to give you an indication of where you stand regarding your knowledge of EL and BLEs.

The Digital Firefly Teachers’ Toolkit is a companion site to these courses. It includes additional information on tools that are useful for constructing a blended learning environment and several lesson plans that you can use to get started.

Any questions or comments regarding this site and the Digital Firefly courses can be sent by email to Tryggvi Thayer at the University of Iceland,

We hope that you find the Digital Firefly courses useful!


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