Digital Firefly Toolkit

The COVID-19 pandemic has posed serious challenges to schools worldwide. The sudden transition from traditional to virtual classrooms plunged many teachers into uncharted waters, highlighting the insufficient experience with, and knowledge of, digital and remote teaching strategies.

Digital Firefly identifies and addresses the challenges teachers, trainers, and teacher-educators face in developing entrepreneurial competences through the post-pandemic New Normal, with special attention to the development of online and blended learning tools.

Teachers’ first responses to the online environment were mainly focused on completing previously planned teaching activities at the same time as trying to familiarise themselves with the use of online teaching and communication tools. Yet, courses and programmes based on practical and experiential learning such as entrepreneurial education have been halted despite the significant efforts and advancements of the last decade to include entrepreneurship education in school curricula.

This teacher handbook will first guide you through what Entrepreneurial Education is and will introduce you to the EntreComp and DigComp frameworks. A brief introduction to the Entrepreneurial Learning Principles will guide and inspire your teaching.

In this handbook you will find:

  • Teaching Methods and Techniques that will ease the teaching-learning process while providing opportunities for competence development.
  • Interactive Resources that will help you facilitate the process either with an online or blended approach. These tools will foster student engagement and will add an element of innovation to the learning process, so click on the icons to start exploring!
  • Inspiring Initiatives to learn from and that can easily be adopted to make your teaching more meaningful. Use the QR codes to learn more about them!
  • Teaching Sparks that will enrich your class and will help you develop real entrepreneurial learning. These lessons can be easily adapted to different levels and areas of learning. The lessons will guide you step by step on their implementation. Click on suggested methodology and interactive resources icons to explore further!

So we invite you to use this handbook to enhance your teaching-learning journey into true entrepreneurial learning!